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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Training Week

Sunday: Biking 21 miles in 1:25:00, pace 14.68. 1 hr yoga class.
My glutes and hamstrings were so incredibly sore from bootcamp the day before and it was the morning after the Mumford and Sons concert. I didn't want to go, but felt good once I got going. A deep stretch at yoga was just what I needed.

Monday: 50 minute kickboxing class, 30 minutes upper body weights. 
Butt still hurt a lot.

Tuesday: Run. 11 miles in 1:52, pace 10:11. 
Felt pretty darn good. It was less humid and I sought out shady routes.

Wednesday: 45 minute bootcamp, 45 minute bike ride, and 1.5 hour yoga class. 
Biked to and from bootcamp, where he killed us with lots of squats lunges and walking backward on the treadmill with the treadmill off so you have to push it. Yoga, as always, was blissful.

Thursday: Run. 6 miles in 58:23, pace 9:44.
Felt awful. It was humid, foggy, and my legs felt like lead. Not even running on the beach could perk me up.

Friday: 1 hour bootcamp. 
Felt like death. My stomach wasn't feeling great, I was exhausted, and it was about 110 in the gym.

Saturday: Bike, Run, Bike, Run, Bike. 4.1 total miles running in 38:12, pace 9:20. 10.15 total miles biking, untimed. 
So unmotivated to get out of bed, but I couldn't turn down my Mom wanting to bike. I would get ahead of her on my bike legs and then she would catch up while I ran. It was fun to have company. 

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