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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am going to Madagascar

OMG I am so incredibly excited. I just got my confirmation for the Madagascar Marathon.

Not only will it bring me one step closer to my 7 continent goal, not only is it in an incredibly cool place, but I am also going with an old friend, Quincy, that I always have an absolute blast with! We rode in the Trek Across Maine together for years and made up silly songs while we peddled the miles away, rowed in the Southport Rowgatta while wearing showercaps and singing an improvised kayak opera, and threw some awesome parties while we were still young and crazy. She will kick my butt because she's fast as a gazelle, but that doesn't matter.

The trip is organized by Marathon Tours, who organized my trip to Antarctica. I was so impressed with everything about that trip, that I can't wait to travel with them again. Read more about the trip and race here.

The race isn't for another 10 months, but I was so excited that I felt like I needed to start training right away, so I did an impromptu 12 miler this morning.

Lemurs, and sapphires, and dinosaur bones, and beaches, and rainforests, here we come!!

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