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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I will never understand my body

The last 5 days I have been going for beautiful runs along a dead flat seaside path on Mission Bay in San Diego. I was sleeping 9 hours and night and eating great food. And I felt like death on every run. My legs ached and my lungs burned.

Given that, I did not have high hopes for today's run. Due to a travel snafu, I have been up for more than 24 hours. I gorged on a huge margarita, garlic fries, and chocolate cake in the airport last night. My whole body is stiff from sitting on planes and my feet are swollen. And I have run a lot of days in a row, instead of my usual every other day, And then I went out and rocked 9 minute miles on my run and felt wonderful.

It just goes to show that you should never count yourself out before you give it a try, you just must surprise yourself. 

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  1. I was just talking to my friend about this last night. We both met for a run and were not feeling it but then we had a great time (fun-wise).