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Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Running at Night Feels Faster

Ahah, vindication! I have always said that I feel faster running at night, and everyone told me I was crazy. 

Dark + head lamp= I feel like a Keynan

Now, a study from the Journal of Sport & Exercise Physiology supports my point. You do feel like you are moving faster when running in the dark than during the day. Why? Well basically in the dark objects further away aren’t visible, so you only have close-by objects to use as reference. This gives you a greater sense of speed compared to running during the day where your reference points are far away. Cool.

Does running in the dark feel easier to you?

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  1. I run faster in the dark too! I read another study about it last year that had another reason for it! Very cool to find out it is actually true. I thought it was just because I couldn't see my watch.