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Monday, October 15, 2012

San Diego

Greetings from San Diego where I have been sitting in the airport because our flight was cancelled. So much for coming back from vacation well rested.  Oh well. We had a great long weekend. I went to some meetings, but mostly we swam, ate, lounged in the sun, and slept. 

Our hotel was AWESOME. This is looking down at one of the pools from the tower. We swam at least twice a day.

My company hooked us up with some super nice meals. It was fun to get dressed up and eat outside watching the sunset.

The boy got to wade in the Pacific for the first time ever. I also introduced him to fish tacos and self self fro-yo.
 Sunday we had completely free so we went to the zoo. It was amazing! My favorites were the elephants who alternated between throwing dirt on themselves (they use it as sunscreen) and frolicking in the water.
 If I had to pick one animal there to have as a pet it would be a koala. So cuddly!

 We spent a solid 4.5 hours at the zoo and I think we walked a good 7 miles. My feet were done! So we headed down to the Gaslamp district and settled down at an outside table for some grub. 
We got up early this morning to get in one last run. There was a great 6 miles beach-side loop we did almost every day. My stealth methods to turn R into runner are working :)  I was amazed by the number of running/bike trails and public parks in San Diego. They were everywhere! Then we rented paddleboards and got out on the water for an hour. The water was so calm that we were flying. On the way back a sea lion paddled alongside us for a good 20 minutes.

And now back to reality: cold, work, and flight delays.

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  1. Oh my gosh! San Diego sounds amazing!!! I wonder if it is that fab year round? Probably ;)