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Monday, November 26, 2012

26.2 with Donna Training Plan

Usually around this time I am starting to train for my late winter/early spring marathon. But this year, I am not signed up for a marathon until next June. So I am feeling a little aimless lately. I am however, signed up to run a half marathon in Floria in February. I have never trained specially for a half marathon before, but I am feeling like I need something to focus on. Also, after stalling out around the 2:05 mark for the last few years, I'd love to lower my PR. So bring on the training plan!

This is based on the 1/2 marathon time goal training plan by Jeff Galloway. After using Galloway's run/walk method for my past 2 marathons, I just can't imagine going back. I recover so much faster with the walk breaks, and find it so much easier mentally. Plus, the pace groups in the 26.2 with Donna use the run/walk method. I might as well train the way I am going to race.

What is your next big race? Do you have a training plan?

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