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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Worst dog sitter ever

What a day. The furnace guys were scheduled to come at 9:30 this morning, so I headed out to run for an hour at 7:30. I figured I'd have half an hour when I got home to shower, stretch, and eat breakfast before closing Dixie and myself in my office for the day.

Except when I came down my road at the end of my run I saw the furnace truck in my driveway. Then I saw the front door wide open. I broke into an all out sprint. I ran into the house gasping, "did you shut the dog up somewhere?"

"Oh that's your dog? We saw it sitting in road so we called animal control."

Apparently when they arrived they propped open the front door because they were carrying parts, and then left it open while they headed down to the basement to set up. While they were in the basement, Dixie, who had been asleep in my bed, woke up, came downstairs, and wandered outside.

I panicked. My boyfriend LOVES his dog and I lost her.

Luckily, it turned out fine. I called the police and they sent animal control back with Dixie, who was happily chilling in the front seat.

I figured I had tell the boy. If it were my dog I would want to know. Plus, he is a police officer in the next town, so there is very good chance he'd find out if I didn't tell him.

Dixie made out pretty well. She got lots of extra cuddles, walks, and treats all day which apparently exhausted her because she passed out in the chair for the rest of the day while I worked.

Would you have told the owner what happened? Have you ever had a pet/house/baby sitting fail?

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