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Friday, November 2, 2012

Financial Dilemma

It has been an expensive fall. I decided to do one of projects on my home improvement list, replacing my old french doors that don't open with a new slider. Then, when I had my  furnace serviced, I found out that my coil was completely rusted out. It didn't make sense to me to spend $1,000 to fix a 26 year-old furnace, so I am springing for a new one. Hopefully it will be a lot more efficient, but I have to spend $9,000 up front. And then finally yesterday, I found out that the check engine light on my car came on because my IMA is shot. I have an Accord hybrid and the IMA battery and system make the hybrid part work. The dealer told me I have to fix it because my car could die at any moment. And there goes another $3,000.

All of a sudden I am paying attention to every dollar I spend and trying to save wherever possible. Which brings me to my running shoes. My current pair is starting to wear out.

I forgot to log on when I started wearing them, but it has been about 4-5 months. My big toe on the right side is about to break through. And my shins have been abnormally sore, which is usually a sign that the cushioning is shot. Plus they absolutely reek.

I actually have a new pair that I bought on sale waiting in my closet. But I am hesitating to  pull them out and start using them.

Am I being silly by trying to make my old shoes last as long possible? How often do you replace your shoes?

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