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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DietBet Challenge

Wow the first month of the year is flying by. I am doing pretty darn well on all my resolutions except the whole losing weight thing. I was doing awesome the first couple weeks of the month, and was down 3 pounds. Then the BF and I went away skiing for the weekend. I decided to relax my diet for the weekend. Except the weekend extended into all of last week and this weekend. Now I have regained those 3 pounds and another 2. Good work me.

So when I saw the Fitfluential Dietbet Challenge I decided to try it. Dietbet is an on-line game where you've got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. To begin, everyone puts money into the pot. After four weeks, whoever's hit their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot.

I am really hoping this will give me the extra push I need. One, I am cheap and I hate wasting money. Not only will I not lose the money I put in if I meet the challenge, I will actually make money! Secondly, this is public accountability. I don't like to fail, especially publicly. And third this will be a source of social support. Losing weight is hard because it requires discipline and willpower over and extended period of time. Being able to interact with other people going through the same thing will hopefully make it easier.

So here is my challenge:

Have you ever tried anything like this? Do you think it will work?


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  1. Ooo, that is a huge pot! I did DietBet in July with a few friends. Public Accountability does nothing for me, so I didn't succeed at all, but think this is a great idea!