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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I said "brrr... it's cold out there."

I used to run outside no matter what. I was like the post office, out there in the rain, snow, sleet, and cold. I think honestly it was less motivation, and more the fact that I had less flexibility in my schedule. If I planned to run in the morning before run, I allowed just enough time to run, shower, and get to work. There was no time to go to the gym. But now that I work from home, I can take that extra 10 minutes to drive to the gym.

So when I woke up and saw this on my phone, I was not motivated to head outside. Feels like -12. No thanks!


So I pounded out an hour on the treadmill. Super boring. And now I feel like a wimp for not running outside.

What does it take for you to hit up the dreadmill instead  of running outside?


  1. Luckily I only have to deal with New York cold, which is about 20s or so. Since I don't have gym membership, running on a treadmill isn't an option for me, but I hate, hate, running in winter rain. It is just not happening for me.

  2. At least you got the run in! I will run outside in any temp, but skip a run outside if it's too icy or visibility is dangerous for cars to see me.