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Friday, July 27, 2012

A day trip to Islesboro

With all the craziness at my job I have to remind myself that there all good aspects. I do have waaayy more flexibility than I did at my old job. So when a chance for an impromptu mini family reunion trip out to Isleboro came up yesterday, I was able to take it.

Islesboro is an island in Penobscot Bay. We have family from my maternal grandfather's side of the family that live there year round and it is one of my favorite places in Maine to visit. I usually take my bike because it is a great 30 mile ride around the island, but since it was a last minute decision and the weather forecast didn't look great, I left my bike at home this year.

Taking the ferry is half the adventure. We were aiming for the 10 o'clock ferry so we got to Lincolnville at 9.  We parked the car in the ferry line and then I went for a nice 5.8 mile run while the rest of my family headed off to Dot's to pick us up some breakfast. I rushed back from my run ready to hop in the car and on the ferry, but unfortunately there were some big trucks in front of us that took up a lot of room so we didn't make it on. I imagine this could get old if you lived out on the island and had to deal with the ferry all the time! So I had time for a nice cool down, stretch, and then my breakfast sandwich on the beach before we boarded the 11 o'clock ferry.

It was a calm crossing, and pretty soon we were pulling up to Islesboro.

The we headed down island to meet our relatives. We grilled up a feast of portobello mushrooms, squash, zucchini, and chicken for lunch.

 It was nice to have no real agenda for the afternoon. We ate, sat, talked, looked at the water, and lazed around. Before leaving we headed to the Dark Harbor store for a browse. I love their ice cream (really I love any ice cream), but even I was too full. We got a couple Islesboro sweatshirts and coffee mugs instead and then headed to down to the ferry. This time luck was with us, and we got right on the 3:30.

We rounded off the day with a stop in Rockland to pick up some stuff for the boat at Hamilton Marine and an ice stop since no day is complete without ice cream!

Today I am trying to take it easy since I have a big weekend ahead- Olympics, the Peak's Island Race on Saturday, and the Tri for the Cure Sunday!

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  1. Yay! You do have a fun weekend ahead!

    There is something so adventerous about taking a ferry to an island. I was reading another blog this week where they took a ferry to an island off of OH and I thought that was so fun!