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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Peak's Island Race 2012

Race 1 of 2 for the weekend is in the books. I didn't think doing both the Peak's Island Race and the Tri for the Cure in the same weekend would be a big deal, it really isn't more than I would do in normal workouts for the weekend. But I didn't consider the logistics.

We took the 8:30 ferry out to the island since I was going out with friends who were volunteering. Second ferry ride in one week for me. Every day should start with a boat ride. However everyday should not start with trying to carry your bike up a very crowded flight of stairs on the ferry.

 This cool old Coast Guard sailboat was in the harbor for the day and we got a nice view as we headed out to Peak's.
 On the island we headed over to the Lion's field and building to check in. I did a double take when I got my number- number 10! I am assuming this is because I signed up early, not because of my predicted pace. But I'll take the elite number any way I can get it!

The shirts are really cute this year, they show the whole course. 

I love this race because it is so relaxed. After we had our numbers we just chilled out in the field, looking at the water, and talking. 3 minutes before the start I ambled up the hill and took a place on the sides.

I had no goal or expectations for the race. I just wanted to take it easy and save something for tomorrow. It was warm and sunny, but not as hot as last year. I wore my Garmin but tried only to look every mile and half or so. I forgot my i-pod, but that turned out to be nice. I liked running and hearing the ocean and the other runners. I just trucked along at a pace that felt fast, but comfortable, and gave a little kick at the end. I ended up finishing in 43:27 with an average pace of 8:42. I was 12 out of 46 in my age group and 209 out of 465 in the field. I am pleased, considering my time was only minute slower than last year when I actually tried to race.

 After the race I tossed on some clean clothes and then we headed to the beer garden. It was packed and I really wasn't feeling the beer, so I gave it to my friends after a few sips. I really wanted some food so I headed down to the little coffee shop. I ordered a delicious sounding sandwich with hummus, avocado, sprouts, tomato, and lettuce on wheat. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. I was still waiting when the 12:45 ferry pulled up. I HAD to be on that ferry because I had to be in South Portland by 2 for Tri packet pick-up. I ended up with a soggy pile of flavorless veggies which I wolfed down on the ferry back.

As soon as we landed I hopped on my bike and peddled as fast as I could back across the bridge to South Portland. I had my road bike waiting in my car and zipped over to the Tri check-in. I got my packet, had my bike inspected, and racked my bike. I really wish I'd been there earlier because the expo was already shutting down and there were some really fun looking booths!

As soon as that was done I ran home, finally hopped in the shower, and then rushed back to Portland to meet friends at Porthole. Since my lunch was less than tasty I sprung for some mussels as a snack. Cat got a fish sandwich that was the biggest sandwich I've ever seen.

 Now, I am finally home. I just got all my race stuff ready for the morning and applied my race tattoo! So much more stylish than sharpie marker! And now I plan to sit on the couch and do nothing for the rest of the night.


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  1. Awesome race! I love the shirt - I like it when race shirts show the course. I am a map geek :)

    That race tattoo is so cool!

    That is the biggest sandwich ever. I love your friend for letting you take a pic to share :)