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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pre Holiday Diet Clean Up

I am not usually one to endorse cleanses or crash diets. I think that restricting entire food groups from your diet, unless you have a medical, ethical, religious, reason to do is generally a bad idea. I have been down the road of overly restricting my food and it did not make me a happy or healthy person.

Not my best look ever.
 BUT. The moderation thing is just not working for me. I suddenly can't eat one cookie without eating 10 cookies. Fine if this just happens occasionally, I mean life is here to enjoy and live. But it is happening all the time. More importantly, I am not getting pleasure out of what I am eating. I'm just shoveling it in mindlessly and then going back for more. I am tired of waking up feeling guilty and with a food hang-over. Tired of feeling like I need to go kill it running or at the gym for hours to atone, even though my body is tired. I am tired of feeling like food controls me.

I basically ate this whole container of cookies this week

I am stuck in an endless cycle of eating lots of sweets and carbs which just makes me crave more. So for just one week I am going to give up sugar and wheat. It is not that extreme and it's just a week. I don't want to ruin the entire holiday season, but I can do a week just to break this cycle. So that when I do have a few holiday treats, I will really enjoy them.

But I need your help. PLEASE help keep me accountable this week. It is all too easy to cave all by yourself. So check in on me. Ask me how I'm doing. If I know I have to report to someone it will be so much harder to give up. 

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