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Monday, September 5, 2011

On my own

It was shut-down week at the Y this week, which meant no classes because they were re-varnishing the floor in the aerobics room. Major bummer. So I wasn't looking forward to my week-end work-outs.

Saturday though I ended up doing a great 30 bike ride. Since I was a lame-o and went to bed by 10, I was up early before the traffic. The roads were in much better condition than when I tried to run earlier in the week. Only 2 forced turn-arounds. And now that I'm going to be moving, I am savoring my last rides on these roads I have come to know well.

Sunday was a sweaty hill workout. The humidity had returned and I was dripping when I got home. But I was home, which meant I could retreat the basement to do a quick upper body strength workout without grossing anyone out. Then I pretty much laid around like a lazy slug until I had to go to the airport.

This week I'm working in the command center every day from 7-7. This means it's too dark to run outside. I just don't feel safe. So I'm stuck in the little hotel gym for 4 straight days. Yuck.

Also, I'm on the quest for a couch that is not ugly and does not cost $1,000. HELP! Or I'm going to be sitting on the floor in my new house.

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