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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank you body

I've been pushing it pretty hard lately. I haven't taken a day off from working out in weeks and then there is the chronic exhaustion from going back and forth to California every week. Those red eyes are a killer. Reach the Beach was 2 days of hard runs and no sleep. And of course there is all the stress from buying my house. So today, I gave myself a break. I forgot my Tylenol PM for the red eye, and the guy beside me kept bumping me, so I didn't sleep much. When I got home at 5:45 am it was raining and dark. I knew I should head out on my run to get it done so I could focus on unpacking and all the house related stuff I needed to do. But instead, I crawled into bed and passed out for an hour and half. I felt so much better when I woke up. It was still raining, but at least it was light, and I felt pretty good running. My past few runs after the red eye have been miserable. Then, I wolfed down a quick bowl of frosted mini-wheats and headed to the gym for bootcamp. I'm trying to squeeze in all my favorite classes before I move. Then came the best part of my day: I got a massage! I had a groupon I'd been saving, but now I have to use it before I move. It was heavenly. Parts of my body that I didn't think could be tight were tight, like my second toe and my inner shin. I left feeling amazing. Who knew my shoulders could be so far away from my ears. Since I'd started a Groupon using trend for the day, I headed to Lola's in Natick to use another groupon. It's an adorable little Italian cafe. They have a great grilled chicken sandwich with caramelized onions. Put caramelized onions on it, and I'm sold. They also have great Arancini (fried risotto balls.) I ended the lunch with one of my favorite little treats when I was in Italy, a Baci.

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