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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holy Moly.... I own a HOUSE!

Phew….. what a crazy, stressful , fun, exciting weekend! I’ll have to break it into 2 posts because I'm too tired to type it all at once. Somehow everything came together and the closing on my house was Friday. I was up bright and early (which felt early since I stayed up past my bedtime watching the premiere of Gray’s Anatomy Thursday night) for a steamy run. After the cold, crisp weather last week, the return to 80 degree weather with 99% humidity this week was not pleasant. I was still dripping with sweat after my shower. But, I shoved my sweaty self in the car and battled the traffic to get to Portland in time for the walk through before the closing. The seller had been as time crunched as I was, so there was still quite a bit of her stuff in the house during the walk through, so it didn’t feel like mine yet. But I felt right at home when we had to wait for the Casco Bay Bridge on the way to the closing. Just like Southport! The closing itself was a slow, frustrating process. The seller is deaf, and the interpreter she hired was not friendly. We had to go over things again and again before anything was signed. But, then finally it was over, and I got the keys! When I got back to the house, it was empty, and I walked through the rooms imagining them filled with my stuff. I unloaded the car load I had brought with me, and already it started to feel like home. I hated to leave. But I had to go to the bank and set up new accounts and do a few other errands and still leave in time to be back in MA for a dinner party with the ladies from the gym. So until I move in two weeks, I’ll have to be content with looking at the pictures.
The front of my house
My little patio and backyard. I can't wait to get a grill and patio set! a
The kitchen. I am going to paint the cabinets a different color. I'm thinking white. Any suggestions?
The living room. I'm having the carpet cleaned to get rid of that stain. But I am still trying to figure out how to arrange my furniture around the fireplace. Again, suggestions welcomed!

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