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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seal Beach California

Since I worked 14 hour days Monday-Wednesday, I decided to skip out a little early today. It was about 102 out, so the beach was the only thing on my mind. I was flying out of Long Beach, but the beach there is pretty gross. So I decided to check out Seal Beach.

I spent a lovely hour and half walking along the pier and the beach. It was great.

As long as you didn't look over at all the oil rigs.

Then it was time for some grub. In a new place, my rule of thumb is to pick the place with the most people in it. There was this little BBQ place, Beachwood BBQ, that was absolutely packed so I went in. Turns out they were having this sour beer fest that they only have once every 5 year. I hadn't planned on getting a drink, but hey I couldn't miss sour beer fest. I tried 2 little glasses, one an ollallieberrie and one called duck, duck, guava. They weren't kidding about the sour. But it grew on me, kinda like sour patch kids.

It was still happy hour so I choose 2 very interesting things off the 1/2 off appetizer menu- fried green tomatoes and a wild mushroom stew on blue cheese grits. The friend green tomatoes were okay. They mostly tasted like the fried breading. I used them as a vehicle to taste the 4 different BBQ sauces. But the wild mushroom stew was AMAZING. The cheesy grits were rich and smooth, the mushrooms were tender and deep flavored, and then it was topped with flash friend spinach. I would go back again and again for this meal.

So now I'm at the airport after a very interesting trip through security. I refrained from jumping in the ocean because I didn't want to be cold and wet on my flight home. Instead I laid in the grass. Except apparently the grass had fertilizer with nitrogen which set off alarms at the airport. So I got 2 very thorough pat downs and they went through my stuff holding up each pair of underwear and each smelly article of work-out clothing from the whole week.

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