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Thursday, November 3, 2011

And Ode to an old pair of shoes

I decided today it was officially time to retire this pair of running shoes. Because I'm cheap I try to make a pair last as long as possible, but these are just done it. First of all, they reek. Seriously. A few times at the gym lately I've done some sort of jump and then wondering what the awful smell was. It was the stink of my sneakers wafting up. I am not sure why this pair is so stinky, maybe because at least twice a week I work-out and then immediately stick them in my suitcase where they usually have a good 12-18 hours to fester. Also, they are just worn out. Running the trails in Eureka last week I could feel every rock I stepped on. Normal if you are wearing, Vibram 5 fingers, not normal in cushioned running shoes.
There is always something sad about retiring a pair of shoes. This pair in particular has been through a lot with me. I did my last runs in Santa Rosa before I was reassigned to Orange, and then did my first runs in Orange. I wore them for my first 2 sprint triathalons. I wore them for the Peak's Island Road Race. I did my last runs in Framingham before I moved, and then explored the new routes around my new house in Maine. Actually I also wore them as I moved too. I ran my fourth and favorite Reach the Beach relay in them. I wore them to volunteer in New Orleans (red paint spots as evidence) I wore them as I explored Humboldt County and the giant redwoods. Good-bye blue running shoes, and hello new pink ones. May we have many good times together.

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