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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas in the New House

I am so excited to get to decorate my new house for Christmas! My Dad and I went to get our trees the day after Thanksgiving at a great farm by his house. It is always fun to tromp through the snow and find the perfect tree. It's not so fun to lie down in the snow to cut down the tree, but it's part of the experience I guess. My Dad just had surgery so I got to drag both trees back through the snow to the car. Talk about a workout! My Dad picked such a fat tree that it took 4 of us to stuff it through the baler to wrap it up! When I got home Saturday night I was so excited to see how my tree would look in the house, that I decided to set it up by myself. Big Mistake!! I couldn't hold it straight and screw it into the stand at the same time. And there was a branch on the bottom that kept it from going all the way into the stand. Of course I don't have a saw, so I hacked away with a kitchen knife. But eventually I got it! I let it rest for a night and then decorated yesterday.
Sunday I thought I'd quickly put up some lights outside. There was nothing quick about it. First I realized there is no outlet outside, so I had to string a couple extension chords together. Then, after stringing the first string around the tree it occurred to me that I should make sure they worked. They didn't, so down they come. Most of my neighbors are older, so they all came out to watch me climb up and down on the tree. By the time the lights were up, I had the little red berries from the tree all over myself!
And then just a few finishing touches. My coastal wreath that I got at Early Bird.
Some pine garland and decorations on the mantel.
And my little Norwegian village set up on the buffet.


  1. There's nothing like spending your first Christmas in your new house. Such an event will always be memorable to everyone dwelling in your lovely home. Your mini village resembles my mom's. Oh, I just felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me with memories of childhood Christmases I spent with my family.

  2. You always remember your first Christmas in a new house. It looked like you had a blast decorating. Now that the holidays are over, I hope you've had time to adjust to your new neighborhood.