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Thursday, January 9, 2014

About that ring

I have never been a big jewelry person (except earrings which I love) because I always feel like it gets in my way. I especially never wore rings because I hated the way they felt on my fingers.

But now I have this gorgeous new engagement ring and I obviously want to wear it all the time.

But just to give you a clue about how ignorant I am when it comes to rings, I had to Google which hand to wear my engagement ring on.

So I am wondering how you all handle your ring when it comes to working out.

I have already discovered that my fingers swell during long runs, so I have to leave it at home for that. Also, it is not comfortable mushed into my ski mittens (plus I don't think constantly pulling my hand in and out of the mitten is good for the antique stetting). The ring stays home on ski days. For most gym activities, like boot camp or cardio, it seems fine. But it did bother me while lifting, so I carefully put it in my back pocket.

Do you wear your ring(s) all the time? Or, if you don't what activities do you take it off for? Do you leave it at home when you know you are heading to do one of those? Or do you always keep it with you and just take it off and put it in a pocket or bag?


  1. I know some people wear their rings when they workout but I never do unless I forgot to take it off (I typically leave it at home). My hands swell too much and it bothers me! ;) Good luck figuring out what you prefer!

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