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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wrapping Up 2013

Woah, 2013 ended in a crazy whirl for me.

We went to my Aunt's in MA the Sunday before Christmas to do Christmas with my Mom's side of the family, I got engaged on Christmas Eve morning, we went up to my Mom's Christmas Eve Day and Christmas morning, I worked 13 hours Thursday 12/26, we did Christmas with the fiance's (I still get a thrill saying that) family on Friday, and then left early Saturday morning for 4 days in Quebec.

Oh and did I mention that we have decided to get married August 16th so I am also trying to plan a wedding?

Although packing up all our stuff and leaving the country when there was so much to do at home seemed like a hassle, it turned out to be the best possible thing. We had no phones or internet, so it forced us to take some down-time. It was absolutely frigid, but we still managed to fit in 2 full day of Alpine skiing and a 1/2 day of Nordic skiing, thanks to many, many layers of clothing, electric boot heaters, and hand warmers.

The skiing was fantastic, but mostly it was nice to have some time together to just enjoy each other and being engaged, and to reflect on the year. 

Also, it totally re-set my cold barometer for the winter. I had been getting pretty darn wimpy, but after surviving being out in -22, my perspective has changed. This morning, I went out for a 13 miler and 13 felt positively tropical. 

I ended the year with 3 days of not running, which I think is a good thing, even though I'm in the middle of marathon training. Sometimes you just need a mental and physical break. 

Plus, I had already exceeded my goal of 1,00 miles for the year. I ended up running 1,110 in 172 hours 36 minutes and 27 seconds. I also did 577 miles of my bike and 157.5 hours of cross-training (I don't tally this distance). 

Broken down over the year, I was fairly consistent, with the bike spikes in the weeks I did long bike rides.

How was the end of your year? And the start of 2014?

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