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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Right Time

Decisions quote via in December, I was struggling with a job decision. I deliberated and deliberated, but just couldn't make up my mind. I felt like I had no good options. I ended up taking the path of least resistance and just continued on with things as they were. I didn't necessarily think it was the right choice, but I just couldn't figure out what the right choice was.

And now a month later, suddenly things are clear to me. I have this gut instinct and I am ready to go with it. Nothing has changed really, but I am ready to make a real decision now. I am no longer feeling like I am being ruled by the fear of change. Instead, I just know now what is the best choice for me.

It's strange how the world works like that. It is like everything just aligned perfectly for me right now and I am ready for change. As a logical, analytic person I want to think that the world is always pretty cut and dried. A decision should be made based on reason. But, I am having to accept that it isn't that clear. Emotion and the timing of decisions are important.

Have you ever had that ahah moment where suddenly a decision became clear?

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  1. I am happy you finally got that gut feeling you were missing in December!

    I have those ahah moments a lot when I am running!