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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long Run Mistakes (and a couple good decisions too!)

I had a 19 miler long run scheduled for this weekend. As usual, I started worrying about it last Monday. And yet, knowing it was coming did not stop me from making some poor decisions before the run.

-Tuesday I decided to run in the trail shoes that have given me blisters EVERY SINGLE time I've worn them. But it was slippery and I haven't run in them for a year and half or so, so I was hoping they would work out. They did not. I got a string of blisters along the arch of my left foot. Every time I wore sneakers this week they were irritated again and hurt as soon as I put my shoes on today.

-I ate popcorn for dinner last night. We went to the movies at 6:30 (saw August: Osage County- intense and dark, but really good!) so I ended up making a small popcorn my dinner. I woke up starving and super thirsty. But, I didn't want to eat or drink too much before I ran so I was hungry and thirsty my whole run. 

-Only bringing 1 water bottle. I really hate carrying water so I just brought a 20 oz bottle. But, since it was way warmer than it has been recently and I started thirsty from the popcorn, it was not enough. There are no stores or restaurants or any places to refill buy water along the way. On my last run I was able to fill it up with fresh snow, but the snow today was too old and dirty to do this. Finally I saw a lady washing her car and asked her for a refill. 

On the other hand, I also made some good decisions about the long run. 

-I considered doing my long run early Friday morning so it would be done and I'd have the weekend free for other things. But, it was 4 degrees, the roads were icy, it was dark, and I was exhausted. Today, on the other hand, it was 45 (!!!), sunny, and I got a good night of sleep in the night before. After all the extreme cold, it felt great to be out on a warm sunny day. 

-Not doing my long run the day before trying on wedding dresses. It was hard enough getting myself in and out of those things. I can't imagine doing it if I was still and sore for a long run. Plus, it was a long day of walking around and standing. If I had been tired, it would not have been fun. Instead I loved the experience and I found my wedding dress!!

Did you do a long a long run this weekend? How did it go?

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