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Friday, January 3, 2014

No Resolution Resolution

I've been bombarded with posts and articles and news stories about New Year's resolutions. I was feeling pressured to set some myself, but I literally didn't even have any time to think about what they should be and sit down and write them down.

Life is crazy right now. Work is super busy; I'm training for the Tokyo Marathon; and I am trying to plan a wedding in less than 8 months.

every time I see this on my calender my heart skips a beat

I think I have enough on my plate.

So I am giving myself a pass on the resolutions. Instead, I am resolving to try and stay sane. I want to enjoy the wedding planning. I don't want to work to give me tension headaches everyday. I want to relax and enjoy my time in Japan.

This means:
-Reminding myself daily that I don't have to plan the whole wedding this month.
-Reminding myself that I am only human at work. I can only do what I can do and I shouldn't feel like the world will collapse if I miss a deadline.
-Doing one thing at a time. Dedicate myself to that task instead of trying to do 15 things at once.
-Getting to the yoga studio as often as possible
-Spending quality time with the Fiance. I want him to still love me by the time we get married.
-Daily cuddles with the dog. It's hard to be angry and stressed with a warm, fuzzy dog in your arms.

Did you set resolutions? What do you do to stay sane when you are super busy?

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