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Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Impromptu Run

I woke up this morning really wanting to run outside. I've been stuck in the gym since Tuesday because I didn't want to subject my poor sick lungs to the frigid air because they are under enough stress with all the coughing I've been doing. So I told myself if it was above 15 and not windy, I could go outside.

Well that was wishful thinking since I was up at my mother's house doing some wedding planning stuff for the night. She lives at the end of an island, basically at the end of the world, and it is ALWAYS windy. This weekend was especially windy, with 40-50 mph gusts. The sea was wild and things were flying everywhere. Plus there was a nasty layer of icy snow on top of the roads. So instead I had a lazy morning with my family and then got in the car to drive back to Portland.

When I got in my car the temperature said 15. I figured it could only get warmer as I headed inland and south. I figured wrong..... As I drove the temperature kept dropping by a degree. I was hoping that there would be a miracle and by the time I got back to Portland it would be 20 with no wind. Then, as I was about to Brunswick, there was a miracle! I looked down and saw it was 16. The wind wasn't crazy and I looked over and saw quite a few people on the bike path that runs by the road. Sold!

I quickly veered over toward the exit. I couldn't exactly remember how to get to the trail head, so I parked in a random parking lot somewhat close and ran to the trail.

Competitor Glo-Mitt, Black with Hi Viz PinkIt wasn't tropical, but it was pretty darn nice. The sun was so bright and felt amazing on my vitamin D deprived skin. There was some wind, but nothing like what it had been like at my Mom's. Being outside in the fresh air totally revitalized me. It was also really nice to be running somewhere different. I did have a coughing fit when I got back in the car and out of the cold air, but I don't even care. I needed that run.

I also LOVE my new mittens. The are the New Balance Competitor Glo-Mittens. I usually start off cold and want full mittens, but then my hands almost always get really hot and sweaty. These have a flap that folds over to be a mitten, but then can also be flipped back where it clips automatically with a magnet, leaving you with just a little sleeve. This works so well! It still provides some warmth, but also lets my sweaty hands get some air. It is also super convenient for when I need to adjust my i-pod or watch because I don't have to take the whole mitten off.

Competitor Glo-Mitt, Black with Hi Viz Pink

Have you ever been driving along and seen a great spot for a run and decided on the spot to stop and run?

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  1. I should try those mittens! I am annoyed there is nothing to do with the flap on mine when I don't want to use them :)

    That is so awesome that you found a fun random spot to run in! I have driven by paths (when I was not planning to run) then had to look them up later to check them out!