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Friday, February 11, 2011

13 mile tempo and I feel good

My salad dumped in my briefcase at the airport yesterday, which meant that for dinner I was stuck with the Jet Blue free snacks. I was hungry and bored, which meant that I went a little overboard. I started out virtuously with the air popped chips and 100 calorie animal crackers. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and on the way back to my seat the basket of chocolate chip cookies was calling my name. Ditto an hour later, but this time it was the Doritos snack mix. And then when I finally got home, there was a bucket of chocolate chip cookies on the table. I made my way through a few while I sorted through the week's news.

So I though I might feel a little sluggish on the 13 mile tempo run I had on my schedule this morning. But, I actually felt great. It was cold, only 19 when I started, but bright and sunny. For a change, we didn't get a foot of snow this week, and there were some days above freezing, so the roads are pretty clear (as long as you don't mind running in the traffic). I did a route with rolling hills, and still kept my pace up. I had enough in the tank to push it up the steep hill at mile 12 and then keep cruising until I hit mile 13. I just pray that I'll have that same wonderful feeling in 2 (eek!) weeks at the end of the race.

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