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Monday, February 14, 2011

You are going to need that body later

I went to the free yoga class at Lululemon yesterday, which is something I love but rarely do. My early morning cardio/strength work-outs are non-negotiable, but I tend to see yoga as an indulgence. Too often, if I don't take the early flight out,  I leave the gym after cycle interval intending to run home, grab a shower and snack, and then head to yoga. But then I think about all the other things I need to do before I fly-out, or, I'm totally starving and want a real meal, or I stay in the shower too long.... so many excuses.

But yesterday I went, and I was feeling pretty tired and achy. I did a 13 miler Friday followed by an hour of pilates, Saturday I did an hour of intense boot camp followed by an hour and half of step interval, and then cross-country skiing in the afternoon, and Sunday morning I did an hour of spin interval and then an hour of turbo kick. So it took me a few minutes to get into the yoga mind-set. What got me there was the teacher saying "Be kind to your body. Do what feels good. You will need this body tomorrow." That resonated with me. I came off my competitive high horse and slowed down to just breathe.

It puts the whole race in perspective. It is one race on one day. I will need my body for the rest of the trip and the rest of life. Marathons aren't  quite like yoga, you can't just do what feels good. It will hurt. But, I can make an conscious effort to enjoy the race . There will be other races where I can try for a PR. In this one, I just need to come out of it with a body that can get out and enjoy the rest of the trip.

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  1. Hello Kiersten, was checking an Buenos Aires travel guide when I read an article about pilates and their huge growth in their culture, amazing don't you think? Pam