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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 2 in Buenos Aires

Another great (and even warmer) day in Buenos Aires. The group went on a bus tour this morning and it was interesting to see the parts of the city farthest from the hotel that we didn't walk to yesterday. We started out in Palermo, which has big open parks (filled with dog walkers, each walking 5-15 dogs!) and elegant mansions, that now house the various embassies. We then we to Ricoletta, which is home to the designer shops and an amazing cemetary. The cemetary is huge and filled with ornate, large, above ground masoleums. We both got the same feeling we had at Pompei, of being in a place of enormous history. We saw where Eva Peron was buried, although her family's site was not one of the most ornate. 
 We finished in La Boca, which we just fell in love with. It started off as an Italian immigrant community and they painted the buildings in bright, vibrant colors.

We wandered through narrow streets, climbing up rickety steps to visit all the artists' little shops. We were having so much fun, that we let the bus go on without us. We had lunch sitting outdoors watching a tango show. The guitar players were right in front of us, so that was also neat to watch.

Like yesterday, we finished the afternoon with a work-out and then a dip in the pool. Hard to believe that in just 2 days we're going to be freezing!! Tomorrow's mission is to find Nancy her almond croissant. Kier got her dulce de lece gelato last night.


  1. Sounds like fun! I'm jealous of the summery sounding climate. Great idea to blog this. I'll be following you both.

  2. I must admit that the recoleta cemetary was not the place I liked the most but La Boca and Caminito were awesome. I was staying in this hotel in downtown of buenos aires and everybody told me to go there. The houses are from the colonial times so they have a very particular architechture (they used to be "conventillos") and the color are extravagant.
    Did you have a good time?