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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uruguay, why not??

Today is WEDNESDAY, Kier tells me. We went to URAGUAY on the high speed ferry to a quaint little town, Colonia. We got a bunch more stamps in our passports (they almost didn't let me back on the boat because I was missing a stamp). It was very scenic, cobblestones never smoothed for paving, a dock to be shared for Yachting & Fishing, and a lighthouse! We hand lunch in a very local little restaurant down a small side street. They spoke no English, and we speak no Portugese, so once again we weren't exactly sure what we were ordering. We got to climb all the way to the top of the tower - way above the trees and houses. It was a spectacular view even though it rained lightly off and on all day.

Before we left town we bought one more round of dulce de lece gelato. We passed several stores that had the school uniforms in the windows. VERY different than what kids in the US wear.

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