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Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th

Feb. 27: We are going a little toast, as they say here in the Continent.
This means that you are going stir crazy. After a lovely birthday dinner for
Nancy last night, we went to sleep and woke up in Maxwell Bay off King
George Island, where we dropped the race crew. It was interesting to watch
them load the ATV's onto the Zodiacs. We then cruised over to Robert's
point, on Robert's Island. However, when we arrived the wind was blowing
30-50 knots, making it unsafe to load the zodiacs and get to shore. Standing
out on the bow with the binoculars, we could see both fur and elephant seals
on the beach. The wind was so intense that it was nearly blowing us off the
bow. Plan B was to cruise through the Nelson Strait and look for whales. We
did find a humpback and he got so close that we could see the barnacles on
his belly.

An enforced day of rest was probably a good thing, because tomorrow is RACE

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