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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I forgot to knock on wood after I wrote that last entry. Yesterday I woke up and we "only" had 5-6 inches of snow, so I decided to run anyway. It was snowing so hard that the snow accumulated on my eyelashes and they froze together! It also piled up on my eyebrows, in my hair, and even down my back. Then I fell on a patch of ice hidden beneath the snow. After the fall I decided to give in and go home. Too bad the fastest was home was 1.5 miles back on the main road, where I was forced to contend with traffic. Unhappy drivers on slippery roads who seemed intent on spraying me as much as possible with freezing slush.

Today I did the elliptical, but still got to battle with the snow as I attempted to get the solid 2 inches of ice off my car. Once that was done, my car was still stuck in a massive icy snow pile. Fun.

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