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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best of 2011- Part 2

May- I got my Master's in Public Health
After 3 years of working full time and going to school, I finally finished my Master's. The best part of this program was my practicum in Ghana. It was no easy to convince my job to give me the time off, but it was so worthwhile. I learned so fun, and made some amazing friends, including the 6 am running crew seen here.

June- I finished my first 2 sprint Triathalons
I have been wanting to do a tri for a few years and this year I finally sucked it up an signed up. The first swim, in a pool, was fine, but the second swim in the lake nearly killed me. Still, I loved the races- the quick changes between portions is such a nice change from the monotony of the marathon. My goal for 2012 is to improve in the swim.

July- The Peak's Island Race
I missed the race last year and so was excited to do it this year. It's a blast because we make a whole day of it. We take the ferry out early the morning, and I run the race while my Mom and her friend Cat work a water station. Then we spend the rest of the day biking around the island, hanging out at the beach, and eating lobster rolls and drinking beer. Perfect summer day!

August- I became an unofficial goat tender
There is a lighthouse right outside the harbor at my Mom's house. The coast guard was going to tear it down, and so a group of people from the island formed an organization to buy, restore, and maintain the lighthouse. (Cuckhold's Light). This summer we put a pair of goats out there to eat down some of the over-grown vegetation and keep away the sea gulls. They were spoiled farm goats though, and so someone had to paddle out there frequently to give them their special food. It was a lot of fun to kayak out- they'd see you coming and wait at the shore and then about capsize the boat trying to get to you as you landed.

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