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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Old friends (and major score on gym clothes at Old Navy)

Thanks to Facebook, I've gotten in touch with some of my friends from junior high and high school since moving back to Maine. Yesterday, 5 of us met for lunch. It was strange, but wonderful. I hadn't seen two of the women in more than 10 years! We're all more grown-up, but basically, pretty much the same and fell into easy conversation. It makes sense given our history. It's hard as an adult to achieve that same level of closeness you had with your friends as a teenager, when you spend all day together at school, talked on the phone all night, and had sleepovers on the weekend. And yet there was a little weirdness because even though we are all the same age, we're all at such different places in our lives. 3 of the 4 are married and have kids. None of them went to college and they're all stayed in Maine. Among my friends in Boston, I was typical. I'd gone to college and grad school, traveled a lot, tried a few jobs, lived with room-mates, and been mostly single. But here, I'm the odd one out. And it's not that one path is better than another. I'm jealous of what they have- their sweet children, loving husbands, stability and security. And they're jealous of what I have- excitement, freedom, and possibilities. It was a lunch that left me thinking. On the way home I stopped at Old Navy because I had a groupon. I intended to get Christmas presents, but there was great workout clothes on clearance, so it spent it all on myself! Look at this haul- capri tights, 2 tank tops, and a jacket for $30, which thanks to my Groupon only cost me $15!
What do you think about Old Navy's performance clothing? I find it works just as well as the more expensive brands. My stuff gets used soooo much, that it wears out quickly no matter what brand it is.

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