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Friday, December 9, 2011

correrò a Roma!

It's official- I am signed up for the Rome Marathon! I have been toying with this idea for awhile. I'm anxious to get another continent checked off for my 7 continent quest, and since I spent all my money on buying a house, it had to be somewhere where I could pay for the whole trip with miles. But I didn't want to run just any marathon in Europe, I wanted it to be somewhere special. Italy definitely qualifies since I spent my junior year of college there. The hardest part was convincing someone to come with me. Really friends and family? Why aren't you jumping at the chance for a free trip to Rome?? I am taking my little cousin (and by little I just mean younger, since she's now in college and about 10 inches taller than me). I think it will be really fun to show her all my favorite places and things in Italy. Hopefully having this on the calender for sure will help me have more motivation for my long runs. Gelato here I come. Other random observation of the day. I think it's interesting how fitness terms have their own dialects in different parts of the country. I went to a step class in Anaheim, CA today, and I put myself way in the back. Since I couldn't really see the instructor, I had to rely on her cues. The terminology she used was completely different than what I am used to at home. And yes, I still do step. I love step. I am always sweating buckets by the end and the choreography keeps me so mentally engaged that the time just flies by.

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