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Friday, December 16, 2011

My new pal the Cardiac Monitor

The first day home after being gone for 2 weeks is always crazy. In addition to all the usual stuff (laundry, groceries, bank), today I also had to go the cardiologist. Since I passed out a month or so ago, I've had frequent dizzy spells, so I was glad to finally be going to the doctor. My vitals and EKG were normal, the next step was an echocardiogram. It was actually really neat because I was able to watch the screen and see my heart in 3-D, as well as hear the blood moving in and out of the chambers of my heart. The human body is totally amazing. And technology that lets us watch the inside of our bodies is pretty cool too.

Since my dizziness is intermittent, I also have to wear a cardiac monitor for 2 weeks to try and capture what's happening. It's not that big or heavy, but it's annoying.

I keep catching the wires on things. It's definitely coming off for my 17 miler tomorrow, and my date Sunday!

After traveling for 2 weeks and eating out all the time, all I wanted was a home cooked meal tonight. I wanted something warm and hearty that I could make multiple meals out of, so I roasted a chicken on top of diced sweet potatoes, carrots, and eggplant. I also make my favorite port cranberry sauce. I'll eat the chicken for a couple days, and then use the left overs to make chicken and dumpling soup.

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