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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finally some fun

After a solid 10 days of work and travel, I needed some fun in my life. And yesterday and today, I finally got it!

Yesterday morning I got in a good long work-out at the Y. I went to a boot-camp class run by a former marine. It didn't feel like a super hard class, but my abs hurt so much today! And then I swam for 40 minutes. There is something so nice about getting in a nice warm pool in the middle of the cold winter. And something even nicer about getting in a good work-out that doesn't pound my legs to bits.

Then at night, I met my friend at the grand opening of the Thirsty Pig.

It was a pretty crazy Wednesday night! $3 Shipyard Smashed Blueberry (which is 9% alcohol), a punk rock band, meat shots, and drag queens. It reminds me why I love Portland, it's such an interesting mix of people and interests, and yet everyone gets along!

The fun night made 7am spinning not so fun this morning, but I got through. After some work I met my friends at the Seadog Brewery for Breezy's Birthday Lunch. Although I love their blueberry beer too, I decided to pass since I was still feeling last night's beer, (and I need to work this afternoon!). But I did have a fantastic salad. I got the Mediterranean Chicken & Artichoke Salad. Grilled skewered chicken and artichoke over chopped romaine, topped with tomato wedges, Bermuda onion, cucumber, feta cheese, Greek dressing and grilled pita. Yumm-o! Even better than my salad was the chance to see 3 of my best and oldest friends in the middle of a work day. Breezy is the first of us to turn 28 and we spent a lot of time talking about how far we've all come since we first met in 6th grade. We've all grown up and done very different things with our lives, and yet we still have as much fun together as we did then.

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