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Friday, February 17, 2012

Out of control

I struggled with whether or not I wanted to share this on my my blog. But, I've been reading some new blogs lately, Losing Weight in the City and Ali on the Run, in particular and I love the honesty and candor that both Theodora and Ali bring to their blogging. And if I only share the good parts of my life then I am being a little dishonest.

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you couldn't stop eating? Like so badly that you made yourself sick and felt like everything was spiraling out of control? It was one of those weeks. It started innocently enough on Monday night when I was watching House and wanted a snack. So I poured a little bowl of Special K pecan to fulfill both my crunch and sweet cravings. And then I poured another bowl, and another, and another. I couldn't stop eating cereal. Only when the box was empty did I stop. Then Tuesday, V day. Ugg. So I allowed myself to make a small batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies in the afternoon to cheer myself up. They were great. And then I wanted instant gratification so I ate 3 bowls of chocolate chips, peanut butter, marshmellows and Rice Krispies microwaved until it was a big messy blob. Then when I went to meet a friend in the city for a drink I got gelato on my way back to my car. Wednesday on my way back from skiing I stopped at a grocery store to get some ingredients for the Birthday treat I'm making my Mom, and then ate 3/4 of the can of candied peanuts on the way home. And then when I got home, cracked open the Whitman's sampler that a neighbor gave me for Christmas and I had been hiding from myself.

Seriously?? I know this is not okay. When I eat like this, I don't even enjoy what I'm eating, but I just can't stop. And then I kill myself the next morning working out to compensate, but then the same thing happens again at night. I am tired of it. I don't want food to control me anymore.

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  1. I hear you on this one. I have a tendency to snack a ton, even when I don't even feel like eating... I think it's wanting to do something with my mouth (I know how awful that sounds), plus it usually helps keep me awake when trying to work at night.

    I have found that there a few ways to get around this (which work for me and may be helpful, depending on why you're eating):
    - Chew gum. You get a flavor of something plus you work your jaw muscles. It's almost like eating! (PS buy a lot of gum if you do this, as keeping that flavor means having many, many pieces).
    - Kettle corn. It's sweet, salty, and (relatively) low calorie, so you can have a bag of it without feeling too guilty.
    - Don't have snacks around the house. It's much more difficult to snack when there's no snack to have. I find this one to be especially effective at work.

    Hope that helps!