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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Music and skiing and eating oh my

My Mom plays music with 3 wonderful women, and every year one of them, Ann, invites us all up to her camp at Sugarloaf for a weekend. It is always a wonderful weekend of friends, music, food, and outdoor activity.

My knee is still a little sore, so I decided to skip the downhill skiing (sob) and do nordic instead. It wasn't really a sacrifice, because the skiing was sublime. There is something profoundly soul cleansing about being out in the fresh air with the sun on your face, gliding silently through the snow covered woods. I just can't get that same feeling running with my i-pods on the road.

I was trying to use the Here and Now concept, asking myself is this something I can only have here and now. The problem was that the answer was always yes! Everyone really goes all out on the food. Sue brought several pounds of fresh Maine shrimp, just off the boat that were delicious plain, on salad, and mixed into various other left-overs. She also brought peanut butter bars and chocolate chip cookies.  My Mom brought her homemade sourdough multi grain bread, that I had topped with lemon humus and mushroom humus. Ann made a quiche with ricotta, spinach, and sundried tomatoes, a homemade veggie lasagna, and pounds of homemade Chex mix (which I ate by the pound). And Phenie brought a huge salad loaded with fresh veggies and a giant bowl of blueberries from her yard that she froze last summer. And finally Nancy brought a cauliflower casserole with mushrooms and wild rice, and a great mix of roasted veggies. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.

And in between skiing and eating, we had plenty of time for music! Their group plays traditional fiddle music, lots of jigs, reels, and waltzes. It is not the kind of music I usually play on my guitar, but  it's a nice change. It is a challenge for my brain and keeps my music skills sharp.

I am heading home feeling totally refreshed. It reminds me that I need to seek out more opportunities to disconnect.

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