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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taste Of Freeport

Last night I got to go to a super fun event, A Taste or Freeport, thanks to the ever fantastic Groupon. There was an offer for 1/2 price tickets a few weeks ago and it looked like a blast, so I snapped them right up.

The first hour was a cocktail hour outside, complete with ice sculptures and an ice bar.

Breezy and I naturally got the blueberry martinis because they were served via an ice luge. They dumped the drink in the top of the ice lighthouse and it came out the bottom nicely chilled!

After our cocktails we headed inside to the ballroom for the food tasting part of the evening. Most of the restaurants in town participated and they brought their A game. No skimpy portions or cheap ingredients. Nope, there was tons of food and lots of lobster. I was too busy stuffing my face enjoying the food to take many pictures.

 I had a three way tie for my favorite savory dish: The crostini blurrily pictured above that had beef tenderloin topped with a chuck of lobster and a garlicky sauce from Azure Cafe; an amazing grilled cheese with sliced butternut squash, caramelized onions, a little chili sauce, and cheddar on foccacia from the Freeport Cafe; and lobster chunks on top of a jicma slaw all on a piece of endive from Linda Bean's Lobster Roll.

We transitioned from savory to sweet with a flight of chocolate wine. I was highly skeptical because I couldn't imagine red wine and chocolate together. You didn't even taste the wine. It just tasted like Bailey's. I especially liked the espresso and whipped cream flavors.

Then it was dessert time. The beer truffles from Wilbur's sounded better than they were. But their almond brittle was amazing!
The espresso, pecan baclava from one of the bed and breakfast's was also great! But at the top of my list was the combination of sombrero gelato and whoopie pies from the Fresh Batch.
It was a great event and fun to try so many different restaurants in one place. There are a bunch of places I definitely want to try now (and it gives me a good excuse to hit up the outlets as well!)

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