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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Winter Night: Caramelized Tomatoes with chicken and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

After the craziness of the last 5 days, I was hoping for a relaxing day yesterday to get caught up. I wanted to sleep in, go for a run, do some laundry, go grocery shopping, go to the bank, and then go to yoga. I did the sleeping in and run part (in a nice surprise little snow storm), but then when I checked my work e-mail I found I'd been scheduled for conference calls for the rest of the day. No errand running for me.

Being stuck at home turned out to be not so bad. I got my laundry done between calls and I put my phone on speaker and did some yoga while on my calls. Best of all, I built a roaring fire so the house was nice and cozy.

After not eating a real meal for days, I was in the mood for a good homemade hearty dinner. So using what I had in the house, I whipped up a pretty good feast.

I had a contained of cherry tomatoes that I bought before I left and never used. They were starting to get a little soft and wrinkly to eat raw, so I decided to roast them. I tossed them with 1/8 cup of olive oil, 1 tsp of sugar, and 1 tsp of salt, and roasted for 1 hr at 350. I had a piece of chicken in the freezer that I defrosted and put in with the chicken half way through the cook time. It basically poached in the liquid from the tomatoes and olive oil so it stayed really moist!

Since I had the oven on anyway, I also made some roasted sweet potatoes. I just sliced them, sprayed them with some olive oil from the Misto and sprinkled some rosemary on top. Then then went in the oven with the tomatoes. I will never get tired of these.

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