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Friday, February 3, 2012

Rice Crispy Treat Sushi

I am in a great mood today. I started my day with a step class. I know it's old school, but I seriously love this class. The choreography is so complicated that I have to really concentrate so the hour just flies by. And it's fun to be doing something where you can add a little extra flair. I also did some upper body weights before heading home.

I made an onion, spinach, and feta omelet for lunch, and it actually turned out as a perfect omelet today, instead of just being scrambled eggs. I polished off my left-over roasted sweet potatoes on the side.

Then I fired up Pandora and did a little cooking project. Tomorrow I am invited to a birthday brunch for my best friend Breezy. Sushi has always been our thing. In high school we used to have a total blast, and make a huge mess, making our own sushi. However, I know that the rest of her family and friends are huge fans of the whole raw fish thing, plus this is more of a brunch, so I made rice crispy treat "sushi." I'd seen this on-line and been wanting to try it. It was so easy and came out super cute.

Swedish Fish or other gummy candy
Fruit Roll-ups
Rice Crispy Treats (Rice Crispies, Marshmellow, and Margarine)

I made the rice crispy treats before lunch and then let them cool while I made and ate lunch. Then it was assembly time. I made 2 styles.

For the roll, or "maki" type I used a rolling pin to roll out a strip of rice crispy treats so they were a little thinner. I then placed a line of Swedish fish along one edge and rolled. The final step was to wrap a fruit roll-out around the outside.

And then slice into bite sized pieces.

For the "Nigiri" type sushi, I cut the rice crispy treats into small rectangles and I cut the fruit roll-up into long thin strips. I then placed a Swedish fish in the middle of each rectangle and secured it with a strip of fruit roll-up wrapped all the way around.

A pretty and delicious looking plate!

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