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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

I was not all that excited to be leaving my house less than 12 hours after getting home, but once I got up to my Mom's house I was so glad I was there. Honestly of all the places I've been, I am always the happiest there.

I rushed around Saturday morning so that I could get up there by noon because I knew my friend Lucy and here baby would be there. I gave my Mom a bunch of house cleaning sessions with Lucy and the last 2 weekends my Mom was torturing me by sending adorable pictures of the baby. I needed to get in on that baby action because he about the cutest thing ever!

Baby in a fuzzy bear suit? Cutest thing EVER.

After Lucy and the babe headed out I helped my Mom with some yard work. It was so nice to be outside after being inside the hospital for 2 weeks. This has got to be a record for working in the gardens- usually we still have snow this time of year!
I'm sure my Mom will appreciate me posting pictures of her butt     

 It started to get really windy in the late afternoon so we headed inside. My Mom started making an apple and almond paste pie and I started working on a shrimp pasta for dinner. My aunt arrived with some fried shrimp from Sea Basket and our neighbor came over with wine, so we had wine and shrimp appetizers and talked as we cooked.

My inspiration for dinner was this Shrimp Cobb Salad from cooking light. But instead of making it a green salad I made it a hot pasta dish. It was pretty good, but I restrained myself from seconds because I wanted to leave room for pie. Normally I can take or leave apple pie, but this apple almond crumb pie is incredible. It is the best of everything, apple crisp, pie crust, and creamy sweet almond paste. I had 2 pieces. And then stayed up way too late playing music with my Mom and aunt. 3 guitars, 3 voices, and a whole bunch of new music. Yeah!

We finally dragged ourselves to bed around 2. My Mom and I slept in the boathouse for the first time this year. It's funny because we have this big old rambling house up on the hill but if at all possible my Mom and I always sleep down in our little campy boathouse. I just love my little bunk right on the water. Even if I have to sleep in a sleeping bag and use 4 blankets because it doesn't have any insulation or heat!

Normally I love the sunrise service on Easter morning. It's held down on the rocks by the ocean and we watch the sun rise over the ocean. But this year I was just so tired from the last 2 weeks that I just couldn't fathom getting out of bed. So I didn't. Happy Easter to me. And then I had a Reese's egg before heading out on my run. I did a lovely, but windy, 6 miler up the west side of the island and back. Love those hills!

The rest of the day included church, the Sunday Crossword puzzle, helping my Mom with a bulletin board for school, a walk to the dock, and yummy left-overs. Including 2 more pieces of pie. It was nice and relaxed. I left my phone in my car and didn't turn on my computer. And I didn't make myself sick on Easter candy. Good day.

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