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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Place Triggers

Does anyone else have those places where they just can't seem to stop eating? I definitely do. One of them is my grandmother's (now my mother's) house on the island. When I was a kid we only had healthy food at my house. Once a week we got Kraft Mac and Cheese because my Mom taught a night class and we had a babysitter. Other that that it was all wholesome goodness, all the time. But at Grandma's house we got Lucky Charms for breakfast, Pringles with lunch, pudding cups for snacks, and ice cream for dessert. And despite the fact that I'm now an adult and can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, when I go into that house I'm like a kid in a candy store trying to stuff in as much as possible before anyone notices. There is a big pantry off the kitchen and I literally go in there, grab the bag of chocolate chips off the shelf, and sit on the floor in the dark and hide and eat them.

Awesome view, but I'm too busy hiding in the pantry and stuffing my face
And this week I've realized that my client in Santa Rosa is a trigger too. I was here every Monday-Thursday for almost a year for work. It was my first consulting job and I went a little crazy. I was eating massive dinners out with co-workers or trying to ease my homesickness by eating comfort food alone in my hotel room. The women I shared an office with all had candy jars on their desks and I was frequently alone in the office to eat all I wanted from them. Someone was always bringing in donuts, cookies, or some treat, And so it seems that I associate being here with eating. When I was here for the LIVE a month ago I had a major candy binge. Yesterday I did the same in the command center, where there were cookies, cake, chocolate, and chips.

The running trails and the gym here are my favorite of all the places I currently travel, but all my exercise doesn't ever come close to balancing out what I eat.

Are there certain places that trigger you to eat?

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  1. Wow. Like you said to me about my post last week... I feel like I could have written this. Any time I see my mom, I feel like this. So back in my homestate, but also when she comes to visit. We have a good relationship, but something about it makes me binge eat. I am really working hard on stopping that!