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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Other people's vacations are fun too

This week is school vacation week, which meant that I've gotten to have some fun with one of my favorite people- my Mom! Even though I am working, my job now is pretty flexible the weeks I am working at home, so we have packed in some good times.

Yesterday morning I got up super early to get in a hour on the bike. It was super windy and my legs were dead from 4 hard days in a row, so I wasn't feeling it. And yet, 3 hours later after some work and breakfast I thought bootcamp would be a good idea. I made it out alive, but barely.

Then I was off to August, to let my friend Lucy, who is in cosmetology school, experiment on my hair. My Mom and I were a little nervous because neither of us do much to our hair. But we figured there would a supervising teacher in the room and we could always dye it back to a normal color. I refused to let my Mom take a picture of my in foils. Then I promptly snapped one of her.

It was pretty interesting to watch all the students, and a little creepy because there were a lot of fake heads everywhere. In this end we were both happy. My hair basically ended up looking like it does naturally at the end of summer, with lots of nice super blond highlights. Best of all Lucy straightened it for me. I love my hair straight, but always get bored half way through the process and give up.
pretty straight hair, which is now a frizzy mess thanks to fit club, a run, and 2 hours under a bike helmet.

 After some more work at home, I brought my mother to fit club. It is a group of us that meets every Wednesday for a workout and then usually drinks after. We had a great LIVE zumba session last night followed by a 30 minute Body Pump Class. I got thoroughly sweaty and then did not change before heading out to Jimmy the Greek's.  I am sure everyone in the restaurant appreciated my red face. Wednesday night is $5 martinis and free manicures. Since it was free, I was daring and currently have bright purple nails.

This morning was another early wake up for a 30 minute hill run before I took my Mom on the bike path to introduce her to the amazingness that is Scratch Bakery. We did a nice easy 10 miles in the sunshine. It was slower and shorter than I would go on my own, but sometimes it is nice to slow down to someone else's pace.

At Scratch I, as usual, drooled over everything before deciding to split a 9 grain everything bagel with fresh herb cream cheese. And for dessert (because every meal needs dessert, even breakfast) an almond horseshoe. We met up with friend Vicky, and took our food down to eat on the beach. I still can't over the fact that I have been to the beach multiple times and it's only April! Before we got back our on bikes my Mom surprised me with a piece of confetti cake. She know about my addiction to frosting and this looking amazing. I am totally impressed that I managed to get it home in one piece, and that I have made it to 4:30 without eating it yet.

Our last excursion was to buy me a grill. I have been looking at grills for almost month and decided to finally suck it up an buy one before grill season is over. We bought it, loaded it, unloaded it, and set it up in time for a (very) late lunch. Grilling on the patio and afternoon cocktails? Love it!

So thanks for having vacation Mom because I had a lot of fun too. And now I must chain myself to my computer until about midnight and do some work.

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