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Friday, April 27, 2012

Laguna Beach

After a week in the windowless hospital basement, I was desperate for some sunshine. I am in California after all. So this afternoon I headed to Laguna Beach. I was tempted to go Seal Beach, just to get the wild mushroom grits at Beachwood BBQ, but I wanted to take the chance to check out some place new.

Laguna Beach totally surprised me, it was great! I started with a walk along the cliff walk. There were all kinds of cool plants and things to look at along the path.

I liked this cool old gnarly tree. I event sat on it for a few minutes to take a phone call. 

Laguna Beach is famous for art festivals so there were also neat sculptures and art galleries everywhere. As I was standing by this whale sculpture I was looking at the ocean and saw a dolphin.

As nice as the cliff walk was, I was dying to get my feet in the sand. So I climbed back down to the shore and walked barefoot on the beach for a few miles. The water wasn't as cold as I was expecting. I loved watching the surfers and the paddleboarders.
 After an intense gym session this morning, and then all the walking in Laguna Beach, I was super ready for lunch. I walked up and down the cute main street for a bit scoping out the options. It was a hard choice because there were so many good looking options. I ended up at Active Culture because it had a big crowd out front and it looked like a healthy option.

 Good choice. I got the veggie bowl with brown rice, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, avocado, and their signature dressing. Holy yum. I don't always love rice, but this rice was awesome. Al dente, a little sweet, and a little sticky like sushi rice. The dressing was tangy

 After lunch I meandered through the downtown, which had a lot of cute little funky shops. And of course because I'm me, I also got a fro-yo to eat on the beach. I can't even resist ice cream!

I also bought a pair of shorts. I have this problem of buying pants and shorts way too big because I don't like them to be tight. But then they look awful and I get annoyed that they are falling down. So I let the saleswoman talk me into these teeny jean shorts. I wore them around all afternoon and pulled them down even 5 steps. I'm feeling like they're a little too short and do nothing flattering for my power thighs.  What do you think??


  1. I don't think they are too short, but if you were pulling them down all the time, you are not comfortable in them! Are you going to take them back?

    I would love to go on a walk by the beach. That sounds so nice right now! :)

  2. I think the shorts look good, but I know what you mean. I bought a pair of shorts the other week, and I felt the need to put my napkin on my lap when I went to a restaurant to cover up!

    I'm also in awe of your raced in Antarctica???