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Monday, April 30, 2012

When Pigs Fly....

Some very strange things happened to me this weekend.

1. I was craving kale. Now I like vegetables, but never before have I craved them when driving down the highway. I even got out my phone to see if there was a Whole Foods near where I was. There was not :(

2. I stopped eating my fro-yo before it was gone because I realized it was making me feel not great. Never ever have I stopped eating a dish of ice cream before it was gone. And usually if I feel sick when eating ice cream it's because I've eaten a whole pint.

3. I said to myself, "well actually Southern California isn't so bad. I can see myself living here."

I had a great weekend here. Saturday I went to a kick-ass step class then to meet a friend in Studio City. We went for a hike in the canyons (we walked past the houses of  Alex Trebec and George Clooney!!), grabbed a quick lunch at the mall (where the food court had so many awesome healthy options), went to see How to Think Like a Man, and then got our nails done. Sunday I cranked out an early morning interval run and then headed to Beverly Hills to meet my cousins for brunch. We went to the ever delicious Le Pain Quotidien where I had an egg white omelet with mushrooms, goat cheese, and pesto. Then about half the bread basket slathered with their own hazelnut spread. 

So much bread. Carbaphobes beware.

 After a leisurely stroll down Rodeo drive, I headed back down south to meet a co-worker in Newport Beach where we went for a walk around Balboa Island. For dinner I got my long awaited kale salad.

There really is something in the air here (besides smog that is). It is so much easier to lead a healthy lifestyle because the environment supports it.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend! Posts like this make me think I would really like CA!!!

    I keep getting kale at Native Foods and I want to make it at home. It's so good steamed!