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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feels like summer

I had an unexpectedly great first half of my weekend. I am an uber planner so I like to start planning  my weekend starting Monday and start to freak out if I don't have plans by Thursday. This week I had no plans until yesterday afternoon, but it all turned out okay.

My friend Breezy called when she got out of work yesterday and asked if I wanted to meet at Brian Boru's because they have a great deck and it was a nice day. I of course said yes, and off I went. It was pretty darn cold on the deck (it is Maine in April!) so we moved inside, but still enjoyed our beers. We decided to head toward Pepper Club for dinner, but were in such the happy hour mood that we stopped for another beer (or 2) at other bars on their way there.

This morning I got to go for a bike ride with my friend Heather. We met via a Craig's List ad looking for biking partners more than 7 years ago. She moved 2 years ago, but now that I'm back in Maine, we're only an hour apart. It was great to catch up and the miles just flew by. 40 miles seemed like 2! Oh how I wish I had more people to run/bike with.

We ended with a stop at Scratch Bakery for lunch. Everything there is completely amazing, but let me tell you that nothing is better after a sweat session than a sea salt bagel. Except as we got our food I looked at my phone and realized it was already 12:20. My friend Breezy was picking me up at 12:45 for a baseball game. So I then attempted to rush home while eating a bagel and drinking an iced coffee. Considering I have trouble staying on my road bike normally, the fact that I didn't crash was a major feat.

Back at home I jumped into some normal clothes, threw on a baseball hat to ride my helmet hair, hugged Heather and jumped into Breezy's car.

At the game I promptly proceeded to rehydrate with beer. Baseball is way more fun with beer. Also, there *may* now be a public video of me dancing the YMCA with Slugger the mascot.

I wanted a Seadog Biscuit, which is really the whole reason to go to game, ice cream between 2 chocolate chip cookies, and covered in chocolate chips. But I had to admit that I'd wasted an awful lot of calories on beer, so I settled for fat free coffee yogurt. I do appreciate it that the ball park had a healthy option. It makes it so much easier to make better decisions when you can still have some sort of treat.

And now I made myself come home, make a healthy dinner, and get some sleep so that I can head to Boston right after my run tomorrow.

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