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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working at Home DIY

After the craziness of traveling for 2 weeks I always look forward to working at home. And I love the more relaxed pace for about a day. Then I get bored with myself. Without all the hours of travels I just have so much more time in my life. And of course my kitchen is always available. I don't have the embarrassment factor to keep me from going back for a third (or fourth or fifth) handful of peanut butter m&m's. There are no coworkers watching me. All out of m&m's? No problem..... I can always whip up some cookies. No good at all. So I am trying to come up with projects to keep myself occupied.

Luckily I now own a house. As part of my on-going effort to make my house not look like an old lady's house, this week's project was replacing the ugly shelf and drawer linings in the kitchen. The hardest part was finding the contact paper in Home Depot . I was lost in there for a good hour.

The old shelf paper was an ugly beige
 Like most project this involved making a big mess . I had to take everything out of my cabinets.

Don't judge, this is the continents of my baking cabinet so yes there is a lot of chocolate and marshmallow.
And then my entire kitchen floor was covered in old shelf paper and scraps of the new stuff.

It was going pretty well. I thought I'd broken my stupid injuries while doing DIY projects streak (last month when I tried to fix the trim on my mantle I almost cut off my thumb). Not so fast. The old paper was really hard to get off. Especially on the top shelf where I had to stand on top of the counter to reach. There was one particularly stubborn piece and I was pulling with all my weight against it. And you know what's coming. It finally came off and I went flying backward. I managed to get my feet underneath me so that at least I didn't fall 6 feet and smack my head on the tile floor. I had so much momentum though, that once I got my feet down I was still moving backward and ended up sitting in the trash can. The best part was that I somehow managed to turn my phone off mute as I falling so everyone on my work conference call heard the whole thing. Yup, my name is Kiersten and I am excellent at embarrassing myself.

Horrific embarrassment not withstanding, I think it came out pretty well. The polka dots make me happy every time I open a door in the kitchen.

 My next project is going to be painting the cupboards because I hate the maroon color they are now. It involves a power sander. I see potential disaster.


  1. Oh my gosh! Did you tell them what you were doing on the call when that happened? Is your office okay with doing stuff like that while working?

    I work from home two days a week and am so paranoid about doing anything but work. I have only been so brave to do wash laundry. And I definitely frequent the banana chips in the pantry! :)

  2. Haha nope I told them I had climbed up on the counter to get a coffee mug. I find that I actually pay more attention if I am doing something mindless with my hands than if I am sitting in front of my computer where I try to multi-task and completely stop listening to the call.