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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silence and Noise

It was a long day of travel yesterday and by the time I finally got home my head was pounding and my body hurt from sitting on planes all day. I had a list a million items long of things I should do, but instead I set my bags inside, put on my sneakers, and headed outside. I didn't bring my phone or my i-pod and I headed to the trails. I needed silence. I came back totally refreshed and ready to tackle my piles of mail and laundry.

This morning when my alarm went off my body wasn't happy.  After two weeks of very little sleep and a 3 hour time difference I could have stayed in bed all day. But that wasn't an option because I had a bunch of stuff to do before heading up to my Mom's on the island for Easter. First stop was the gym for kickboxing. She blasted the music this morning and it was like an instant shot of energy. I went from totally dragging to totally kicking butt. This morning I needed noise.

When do you need silence and when do you need noise?

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