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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy National Running Day!!

Happy National Running Day!

Best running memory ever
In honor of the day I am on a running streak. I've run every day since Saturday! Actually, it has nothing to do with national running day, it just worked out that way. First it was pouring in New Hampshire, so I hit up the treadmill there. Then, Sunday when I finally landed in Arcata I needed to get outside and stretch my legs. A lovely 6 mile ocean side run in a light mist on the Hammond Trail ensued. Then, the last 3 days I've been working 6am-6pm at the hospital, so I have been hitting the hotel gym at 4 am. Mentally it is a lot easier to do 20 minutes on different pieces of equipment, than an hour on one machine, so I have been ending all my workouts with 20 minutes of intervals.

still smiling at mile 12 of the Breast Cancer Half

Worst marathon ever. But I finished.
Sometimes it is good when life forces you to mix it up. I tend to run at the same time (morning), the same pace, the same amount of time (an hour), and the same routes. I know I can only run a certain number of miles a week before I start to fall apart, and I had tended to stick to running 3 days a week and running longer on those days. But this week at least, I am loving the daily short runs.

Are you a long and less often or short and more frequent kind of runner? What are you doing today to celebrate national running day?

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